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8224 GPS Antenna Splitter


GPS antenna splitter

Model 8224

The GPS Antenna Splitter, Model 8224, makes it possible to use a single GPS antenna and cable setup for multiple synchronization devices. For example, a 1:2 (1 input, 2 outputs) antenna splitter eliminates the need for, and associated expense of, a second antenna and connected cable for installations in which two systems are running. The antenna splitter can be used with any RF coax-based antenna, such as Spectracom models 8225, 8228, and ANT-35.

These splitters operate on the GPS L1/L2 carrier frequency. Normally, one output is a DC pass-through to power the antenna from the Spectracom equipment to which it is connected. The other output leg is DC-blocked and has a 200 ohm DC load to ground, simulating a GPS pre-amp current draw.

Splitters that are DC-blocked on all outputs require an external power supply to provide the 5VDC required. The all DC-blocked version of the 1:2 splitter has a military-style connector for a 9-32VDC source (which must be supplied by the customer). The 1:8 splitter is provided with a 110VAC power supply. When external power is available, the splitter also acts as an antenna signal amplifier.

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